Replacement Spectacles

  • DVD - See What I Mean

    VINE has produced a DVD that is a unique introduction to those who seek an awareness and understanding of some of the many forms of visual impairment which affect the registered blind and partially sighted. The DVD carries subtitles and BSL signing for the hard of hearing. It is intended for use by professionals, carers, friends and relatives. The DVD has been created using special optical adaptations to the video camera lenses to simulate what the visually impaired person actually sees when affected by a range of conditions. The simulations also demonstrate the difficulties which these visual impairments can create for everyday living. The DVD demonstrates the VINE Simulation Package which has been specially developed to enable those with normal sight to experience a wide range of visual impairments. The DVD and the VINE Simulation Package have been developed by VINE to: a) give professionals in the field of visual impairment the opportunity to acquire new skills and to create new and improved training programmes. b) to teach those with impaired vision how to utilise their remaining vision to maximum effect. Running time 7 minutes



  • Spectacle #1 Tunnel Vision

    Reproduces a speck of vision in a void of darkness. An example of a view through these spectacles.


  • Spectacle #10 Severe loss of vision giving light projection only

    Severe loss of vision leaving light perception only. A person can identify between light and dark but has no useful vision.


  • Spectacle #2 Right side loss of vision

    Loss of half visual field to the right in each eye, (Left side Hemianopia)./


  • Spectacle #3 Left side loss of vision

    Loss of half visual field in each eye, (Right side Hemianopia).


  • Spectacle #4 Loss in visual acuity

    Reduced visual acuity leaving a level of vision of approximately 6/18 - just below driving standard.Symptomatic of the early stages of many eye conditions.


  • Spectacle #5 Reduced visual acuity

    Reduced visual acuity leaving a level of vision of approximately 3/60 to 1/60. A person would normally be registered blind with this level of visual acuity.This is a common symptom of age related macular degeneration


  • Spectacle #6 Hazy vision

    Hazy vision with light scatter and glare. Variable visual acuity.Typical of Cataracts but also some forms of Macular Degeneration, Retinal Degeneration and other eye conditions.


  • Spectacle #7 Reduced visual acuity

    Reduced visual acuity leaving less than 1/60 (hand movements or less)complete loss of central vision with some remaining peripheral vision. Common in some congenital sight conditions and Age Related Macular Degeneration.


  • Spectacle #8 Retinal Degeneration

    Loss in both visual field and visual acuity leaving "patchy" vision. Symptomatic of conditions affecting the Retina such as Diabetic Retinopathy, Retinitis Pigmentosa and other conditions conditions, this can be the more advanced stage..


  • Spectacle #9 Loss of binocular vision

    Loss of binocular vision; light perception only in the right eye and reduced visual acuity approximately 6/18 in the left eye. These spectacles demonstrate how loss of vision in one eye affects overall vision, it is common for people to have a sight condition affecting one eye only or one eye more than the other..



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