Tracy Day, Back Care Advisor, Milton Keynes Hospital NHSFT:
Dear Fred
I purchased a set of Simulation specs from you approximately 4 years ago now and thought it was about time I emailed you with some feedback which you are welcome to add to the website if you wish.

You may recall I purchased the specs to use in Patient Handling training. It can certainly said we’ve had our money’s worth out of them; I use them in every patient handling training session to give the staff an awareness of how it feels for the patient with a visual loss but also to give them a vulnerability during the training that they would not otherwise have.

In the 4 years they have been used by all current patient handlers, all new patient handlers and a pretty large number of consultants too.

The feedback that I get from the staff is absolutely fantastic, I am frequently told how it made them think more about how the patient must feel but mostly I am actually thanked by the staff for enabling them to experience the visual loss which enables them to have a little more empathy with their patients. Often there are patients waiting for a clinic outside my room and during the new carers training session I send the staff for a walk wearing the glasses, I usually end up having a chat with the patients who by now have the hugest grins imaginable on their faces; these patients also express to me how fantastic it is to see the staff not only training but experiencing these types of difficulties first hand.

I have spoken of my specs with colleagues from other hospitals and I believe some of them have also purchased a set which thrills me: in fact another colleague asking for the info was what prompted me to email you.

So in conclusion I would just like to say a HUGE thank you for your work and if you ever come up with any extras to add to the set, please don’t hesitate to let me know about them.

Thank you once again, Tracy
Paul Barrowman, RNIB Scotland, Welfare rights officer:
Just to let you know that I received my order of simulation spectacles on Saturday.

Thank you very much for your prompt dispatch.

I would also like to compliment your company on the build quality of the spectacles. they are definitely built to last.
Excellent product at a competitive price.

Many thanks again.
Karen McCurry, MS Centre Mid Argyll
Thank you very much for all the help and guidance given. We are sure we have selected the perfect glasses to mimic what people with MC see.

I have also passed on your details to the MS Society Scotland so you may hear from them too.
Keep up the good work,
Best Wishes, Karen McCurry.
Guests using Simulation Spectacles at a public awareness event hosted by MS Society Mid Argyle.


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